Developing your pitch deck, identifying key investors, landing powerful investor meetings, and clearly articulating your unique value proposition.

  • Holistic Audit
  • Strategic advising for VC funding round
  • Financial modeling
  • Building your perfect pitch deck
  • Nailing your investor pitch
  • Managing your investor relationship
  • Planning for future funding rounds

Holistic Audit

A full deep dive into your systems, processes, and strategy which results in a strategic blueprint for you to follow.

Identify Pain Points

Debts, Financials and Organization

Industry Advantages

Where company is failing to take advantage of uniqueness

Goal Outline

Accomplish goals, high level business strategies and blueprints to succeed

Growth and Scaling

Executing the strategic plan to automate, systematize, and operate efficiently, while also scaling your key growth metrics & KPIs to prepare for your final phase of the business cycle.

  • Holistic Audit
  • Investor relations
  • Financial modeling & scenario build out
  • Automation analysis and execution
  • Systems analysis and execution
  • Strategic planning and milestone setting
  • Operations analysis and execution

Strategic Exit

Researching and pitching M&A prospects, negotiating the acquisition terms, and managing your transition.

  • Holistic Audit
  • M&A planning
  • Investor relations
  • Financial modeling and scenario build out
  • Letter of intent
  • Closing
  • Transition and integration